Thursday, September 24, 2015

The onset of Autumn, a fall chill in the air. The change of season and yet another life change for me. The end of the boating season, the harvest of crops, the start of hunting season. The witching season, Halloween the lying cancer con #Taryn Smerecki and the Smerecki family's favorite holiday. Fitting for a person who lies about having cancer and of her mother's death of cancer, how macabre, and neither were true.

Except for hunting I dread this time of year since I hate the cold and the coming holidays. The failure of a not so great marriage and the destruction the #cancer scamming, lying con artist #Taryn Smerecki caused in my life compounded my despise of winter, cold and holidays. As the season changes I too have changed, I left one job for another and a month later changed jobs yet again, and though I feel like I have taken a few steps backwards in job status I am no stranger to careers ending way to soon. I do however think this position is an interesting job and it does have potential for expanding knowledge and accomplishment.

It's funny how in such a short time in a different work environment, (wealthy private club to service and manufacturing) you find such diversity in the type of people you interact with. The latter being everyday blue collar type people surviving day to day life with family and child activities. The private clubs are a different way of life, with mostly blue collar employees but they do have a few of the wealthy families youth working there for summer jobs, and to see how the other half lives. It's not surprising I suppose, how people like #Taryn Smerecki get away with the lies, scams and #cancer fraud and she can still has a job planning weddings and the like for others and even worse her friends family and employer know what she does. This type of thing is apparently normal for the offspring of the wealthy.

I admit that while working n private clubs I have learned a great deal about myself, people and more importantly trust. I have for sure met some wonderful people both members and employees and learned that some of those people are very humble, kind people who can teach you that status or money doesn't make the person. I have also  met those that let you know if you don't have deep pockets you don't amount to anything good as far as there are concerned. I think for the most part the majority of those I encountered were good people, but the ones I met who show you how cold hearted people can truly be, you learn fast that to openly trust till proven wrong is a huge mistake. These days thanks to #Taryn Smerecki I trust nobody until they earn my trust.

At this point I am hoping stepping back in job category turns out to be a better than expected choice. One thing for certain I won't be the pawn for the entertainment of a wealthy Grosse Pointe fraud like #Taryn Smerecki.